"Occupy This"
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The process is that you close, you shut up and you win.

Circling back to yes sucks and you will find yourself doing just that if:

1.You are not truthful
2.You don't ask for the order
3.You keep talking

Hey, I get it.

 Painters paint, writers write, hookers relieve the day to day pressures of painters and writers.

And salesman talk.

 We even talk in our sleep.

When there's money on the line and the presentation is done we should all zip our collective lips and wait anxiously for the one word that means the most to all of us.


But sometimes you just can't wait and you talk.

After all its what you do, right?

Often its factual but just because you feel you must talk, some random bullshit statement might just come flying out of your mouth.

That's where you blow it.

I learned a long time ago that its easier to walk away than try to run away. 

This book is about preparing for the things that hurl you off track and how to keep your cool, tell the truth and get to the close.

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