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You have sold your ass off, asked all of the right questions and got the exact responses you were waiting to hear.

You ask the closing question, and then there is silence.

Because you know that the next one who talks loses.

With each tick of the clock, the sweat is forming on your forehead and your mouth is tightly closed but the pressure is mounting and you are only seconds from blurting out sign the paper you son of a bitch. WTF?

But lucky for you this is when your training kicks in, the big question is, what training are you relying on?

Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent and if what you practiced is wrong, you could permanently suck and walk away without orders.

Don't walk away without orders.

Don't repeat all of the mistakes I made to learn my craft.

Benefit from the tired feet and bloody knuckles which made me a professional successful salesman.

Read Dinosaur Droppings!

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