Ira Levofsky
Rocket Science Made Easy

Dinosaur Droppings 
Occupy This 

The Obama economy is with us for several more years.

Political correctness will not make you successful.

Within the pages of these books you will find the honest truth in selling that will help you succeed while others fail.

Good Health, Happy Life and Good Selling.

Now available 
in E book & soft cover!

"Adventures of Sparky"
3 Exciting Books!
Search for the Butterfly Tattoo
Fortune Cookies Don't Lie
The Pirate Wore Wooden Shoes
 GUARANTEED to be Politically Incorrect!
"Dinosaur and Occupy This"
If you are a salesman dealing with people face to face and day to day 
these books are the Amunition you need for your money making gun!

"Recovering From Heart Surgery"
If you or a loved one is having or recently had 
Heart Surgery or the implanting of a Pacemaker
this book will help the entire family 
deal with the trip home and recovery. 
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 Don't bother to make your own mistakes.
 I have already made them all.
Adventures of Sparky Search for the Butterfly Tattoo
Sparky is living the life we all live while we drive past our exit.
 Hot Off The Press
  Sparkys Newest Adventure
The Pirate Wore Wooden Shoes Available NOW!

​Just Arrived!!!
Sparkys Newest Adventure

The Pirate 
Wore Wooden
In Stock Now!
New Sales Book Just Came Out!
The Sale is Closed - Stop Talking
also available in Spanish
La Venta Esta Cerrada - Deja de Hablar!
New Sales Book Coming Nov 10th!
Sell like a Super Hero!